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What am I Buying?

Question: What am I purchasing?

Answer: You are purchasing a complete package, everything you and your student need to succeed.

Materials: A colorful, interactive, and enjoyable curriculum suitable for all ages. 

Tutor Manual: The Manual is your guide as you work with your student. It is divided into 3 major sections: The first section consists of the Student Introduction and the Progress Tracking Sheet. The second section contains 12 lessons. Each lesson consists of 11 procedures.  The third section contains 4 Appendices: The Making Sounds Key, Keys to Success, Correcting Common Mistakes, and Games.

Student Handbook: The Student Handbook goes along with each lesson to help you keep track of how your student is progressing.  It includes a Tutor Tracking Sheet, a Making Sounds Key, a Notes section, and an Error Tracking Sheet.


Sound Pictures: You will receive 44 colorful Sound Pictures with the same key words used in the Barton Reading & Spelling System, which make the transition smooth. The consonant Sound Pictures are blue and the Vowel Sound Pictures are yellow, which are the same colors used in the Barton System.


Colored Tiles: Students will transition from Sound Pictures to blank colored tiles while doing advanced procedures. 

Charts and Activity Sheets: Students will use charts and the activity sheets while practicing their new skills.

Mirror: A mirror is provided to help students see what their mouth and lips are doing while making each sound.

Student Tracking Sheet: The colorful Student Tracking Sheet is for your student to track their progress through the program.

Training: Train in comfort and convenience anywhere that is right for you.

Tutor Training: There are two hours of explicit, step-by-step training for the tutor, parent or teacher. As you progress, you will be given opportunity to stop and practice. Be sure to watch the training in it's entirety before beginning with your student.

Training is available via the web or by DVD upon request. Train anywhere you happen to be. We come to you. That means no airfare or hotel stays.

Opportunity and Savings:

Never turn away another student: If you are a tutor, never turn away another student who was unable to pass Part C of the Barton Student Screening. Now you will be well equipped to help them over this hurdle.

No tutor? No problem: Now with the accessibility and affordability of Foundation in Sounds™, help for your student has never been more convenient.

Free Unlimited Support: We provide free unlimited support by phone 719-476-0189 or by email

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