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Raising Hands
Multisensory Learning

Question: Is Foundation in Sounds™ a multisensory (hands-on) learning program?

Answer: Foundation in Sounds™ uses a strong multisensory approach to help improve a student's auditory discrimination, auditory memory size, and auditory sequencing skills which are some of the  prereading skills necessary for a student to begin any Orton-Gillingham Reading program.


Because sounds can be so difficult to discriminate with their ears, we teach students to use their other senses to help them discover the difference between sounds. The lesson helps them discover what their lips and tongue are doing while making the sounds as they look in a mirror. They find out if the sound is quiet or vibrating as they place their hand over their throat or ears. Not only are they using their senses to discover and discriminate sounds, but they learn a Sound Picture to associate with each sound. 

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