Susan Barton:
Founder, Barton System
Passion, Persistence...

Did I ever tell you that the Foundations in Sounds was an absolute God-send? My student noticed how much improved her ability was with Barton Level 1 after doing Foundation in Sounds. I *love* using those things like the 'Sounds Stoplight' to help now to slow things down when we need it.

~ Marion Entz-Harris

Omaha, NE

Barton Tutor


Prior to starting my private Barton Reading and Spelling tutoring business, I worked for a local tutoring center who also provided a system to prepare kids who were unable to pass Part C of the Barton screening.

Your system far surpasses any system I have previously used. Experience has shown me that children learn better and faster when the teaching methods are engaging and fun. The Foundation in Sounds system achieves this by making the multisensory process, of learning phonemic awareness, not only doable but enjoyable.


I have very enthusiastic students who are making wonderful progress as a result, both in their abilities and in their confidence levels.


~ Cindy Deagen

Pleasanton, CA

Learning Center Owner


We purchased the Foundation in Sound program this past summer.


We have started tutoring students with the Barton Reading and Spelling system. Foundation in Sounds was a wonderful discovery to fill the gap for students not able to pass part C of the Barton student screening. We are loving your program as much as we love Barton. Thank you for providing this product and matching it up with the keywords and colors of the Barton System.

~ Tonya Zierden

Fergus Falls, MN

School Principal


I tutor my son using the Barton System. But my daughter could not pass the student screening.


As I began using Foundation in Sounds with my daughter, I noticed it is formatted like the Barton System, which helped me feel comfortable using it.


Liz is doing very well in Foundation in Sounds. It is really helping her pronounce sounds properly. She was working on /th/ and she said, “That sounds funny,” because she always used to say /s/.


I am thrilled that I can help her pronounce things correctly because she now knows how to use her mouth and lips properly.


~ Jennifer Tammeling

Colorado Springs, CO

Parent Tutor


My daughter Heidi started Foundation in Sounds when she was 8 years old and in the second grade. At that point, she did not know any of her letters or sounds.


She had been in a traditional public school up to this point. I started online/homeschooling her and began the Foundation in Sounds Program with Rick and Lisa Weaver.


We worked on the Foundation in Sounds program before we did any other schooling every day. It is very easy to follow and the results are amazing!!!


We progressed very easily into the Barton Reading & Spelling System. We are currently on Level 6, Lesson 3. She now loves reading to her younger cousin, the dogs, and her horses.


I highly recommend Rick and Lisa Weaver. They are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you and your child.


~ Jane Frusetta

Ellicott, CO

Learning Coach


I am so thankful for your Foundation in Sounds Program. It helped our son really have a firm foundation before jumping into the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

~ Kristina McKay

Colorado Springs, CO

Parent Tutor


I highly recommend the Foundation in Sounds curriculum. As a home-schooling parent for at least 11 years, it was very user friendly.


After doing so many different phonics options for my dyslexic son, Foundation in Sounds was the answer for him.


I really felt it was the best foundation for Porter to then have success with the Barton System.


~ April Chaffee

Monument, CO

Parent Tutor


I am so excited to see Amanda’s progress since she completed the Foundation in Sounds Program. She is doing so well!


She was not reading at all last year. Now that she is in Level 2 of Barton, she is reading by sounding out. We can’t wait to begin Book 3.


~ Debbie Lane

Colorado Springs, CO

Parent Tutor


The mother was so very excited in how both of her students had more confidence and felt ready to tackle the Barton Program.


~ Cynthia Salzano

Greeley, CO

Certified Barton Tutor & Teacher


Our son was 4 years old when he started Foundation in Sounds. He learned his sounds, and once he turned 5, he was able to start the Barton program. There is no way we would be even close to where we are in his reading education without this program.


The Foundation in Sounds is truly a blessing.

~ Bobbie T. Harmon

Colorado Springs, CO

Parent Tutor


We worked in twenty-minute time increments a couple times a day, and it really improved his confidence with sounds. It was very easy to follow, and the pictures made It seem like a game.


It definitely was a lifeline when he had been struggling so much.

~ Kristina McKay

Colorado Springs, CO

Parent Tutor


We finished Level 1 of the Barton System, and he soared through the post test.


I think Greydon did so well due to all the work we did in Foundation in Sounds.


We are set to start Level 2 of Barton very soon.


~ Tracy Badgett

Monument, CO

Parent Tutor


Soon after Mariah completed the Foundation in Sounds Program, and then started Barton, we received this email from her grandmother.


Yesterday, my daughter and I sat down with Mariah and did the first two lessons in the Barton System. We were all laughing and having a good time. Last night, as my daughter was putting the kids in bed, Mariah said with a smile, “Mom, I'm so glad I'm learning to read!”

Mariah is now in Level 5 of the Barton System.

~ Andrea Wise

Black Forest, CO

Parent Tutor


I just wanted to thank you for a great program. Kenneth is ready for lesson 12 and is really enjoying doing Foundation In Sounds. I have loved teaching it. He has made major improvements and I have no doubt that he will easily pass the Barton entry test now. His attitudes have improved and he is always excited when class time comes around.

~ Rhonda Reinford

Fort Pierce, FL

Learning Coach


One of my students, whom I took through Foundation in Sounds, is now in Book 3, lesson 9 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System and is doing so well. I am very thankful that you helped us get over the initial hump of passing Part C of the Barton Student Screening.


~ Cynthia Salzano

Greeley, CO

Certified Barton Tutor & Teacher


For the past few weeks, we have been using Foundation In Sounds with two children in Atlanta who did not pass Part C of the screening. So far they're making great progress! It's also a very user-friendly program.

~ Dite Bray

Atlanta, GA

Co-Director of Ladder Learning Services LLC


Foundation in Sounds is clicking for Anthony like you wouldn’t believe. He is becoming confident and tells me it is time for Sounds. It is so exciting and amazing to see the connections being made!

~ Leilani Doyle

Peyton, CO

Parent Tutor


My son's confidence is soaring, he asked to work on Sounds two times yesterday!


~ Heather Mehl

Colorado Springs, CO

Professional Tutor