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Teacher and Pupil
The Developers

Question: Who are the developers of Foundation in Sounds™?

Answer: Foundation in Sounds™ was created by Rick and Lisa Weaver. They are blessed to have 4 children, two of whom have dyslexia.


Both Rick and Lisa have been in the field of education for years, and Lisa is a licensed teacher in the state of Colorado.  But none of their teacher training courses prepared them for dyslexia.  So over the past 15 years, the Weavers have been on a quest to learn everything they can in order to help their own children – as well as the students in their classrooms who have dyslexia.


Lisa and Rick decided to homeschool their children, and tutored them using the Barton System. 


Rick and Lisa are now both Certified Barton tutors, and Lisa worked for several years as the Barton Coordinator for an online virtual charter school of 3000 students, supporting over 300 homeschool families annually who used the Barton System.


The Weavers are also graduates of Susan Barton’s 6-day Screening for Dyslexia seminar, so they are also qualified to screen students to determine if they fit the dyslexia profile.


Question: Why did you develop Foundation in Sounds™?

Answer: Rick and Lisa Weaver wanted to develop a program that would prepare students to pass part C of the Barton Student Screening. So Rick and Lisa spent three years developing (and beta testing) Foundation in Sounds™.  Their goal was to create an easy-to-use, parent-friendly, cost-effective program that would prepare students to transition into the Barton Reading & Spelling System as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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